Follow-up: WWDC 2006 and Cocoa

In my previous post, I wished for changes to Cocoa at WWDC 2006. Specifically, garbage collection, Server-based Core Data storage, and expanded ‘Kits’.

So what do we know about Cocoa after WWDC 2006?

  1. Objective-C 2.0 includes Garbage collection, auto getters/setters, a foreach loop construct, and probably other improvements
  2. CoreAnimation
  3. Apparently a Cocoa-based QuickTimeKit, and the deprecation of Carbon based QT (???)
  4. Time Machine API
  5. A faster Xcode 3 which supports refactoring
  6. Interface Builder which includes a palette of resolution independent controls
  7. A new Image Kit, probably supporting resolution independence with other improvements
  8. 64-bit support from the Darwin layer all the way thru to Cocoa and Carbon
  9. An iCal framework
  10. NSGridView class
  11. NSTextView improvements ‘including a system-wide grammar checking facility, smart quote support, automatic link detection and support for copying and pasting multiple selections’
  12. Improvements to the iChat framework
  13. A new RSS/Atom framework

Check Apple’s objc-lang mailing list for more info about the Objective-C 2.0 changes, Apple’s Leopard web site for a basic overview, and the AeroExperience web site.


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