Detailed screenshots of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

Impulsive Highlighters is an excellent site with detailed screenshots of Leopard, in particular for Xcode 3.

The changes to Xcode 3 look significant:
* The Inspector is now a sectioned utility panel like OmniGraffle, so that’ll save us using the popup menu to navigate sections.
* The floating debug info will save me from having to click the warning/error symbols on the bottom right of the window just to read them.
* The new ‘blue bar means an executable is running’ is convenient too.
* And isn’t the new First Responder icon cool!
* The autosizing hint/movie is an excellent time saver too.
* Core Animation appears to have been built into many interface controls. Looks like you can apply effects to all kinds of controls directly from Interface Builder!
* I wonder what the controller icon featuring a blue book does?
* And what does the Containers section of the Library palette contain? Boxes, etc?



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