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Sidekick 1.4 available now

Just in time for Christmas…

I’ve released a new version of Sidekick, a menu bar item for AppleWorks 6. The main feature of this release is being able to use Mac OS X 10.4’s Dictionary and Thesaurus program directly (indirectly?) from AppleWorks 6.

AppleWorks is a Carbon application that really wasn’t updated for Mac OS X. It was ported to Mac OS X, but no Mac OS X specific features were added. So you can’t do things like use Mac OS X’s Services from AppleWorks. I’ve addressed this by having Sidekick grab highlighted text from the frontmost word processing document and pass it on to NSPerformService() for action. So now AppleWorks users can use the Dictionary and Thesaurus program, do a Spotlight search, Summarize text, Speak text, open a URL, or copy selected text to a new Mail message.

But this feature is only available to registered users – those who’ve purchased it. I’m not sure if this is going to be controversial or not. Sidekick’s user base is relatively small and most have purchased it. New users will be able to get a taste of the feature by using the existing Send Selection feature to do a Google search, etc.


Sidekick on

I’ve added Sidekick to the web site.

If you do use Sidekick, do me a favour and drop by the site to add it to the applications you use.


Sidekick 1.3.1 available today

Sidekick is a menu bar item for AppleWorks 6. Version 1.3.1 fixes an issue with recent documents saved on a remote server.

You can get Sidekick 1.3.1 here.

iiUsage 2 released yesterday

Harold has rewritten iiUsage and released it as version 2. Check it out here.

iiUsage has a new developer.

In March I took over development of iiUsage:mac, an usage monitor for customers of the Australian ISP, iiNet. However, I’m leaving iiNet for Internode. Recent changes to iiNet’s “light” broadband plans mean they’re no longer relevant to Australians living outside capital cities. Specifically, the speed and phone costs of my iiNet package no longer represent great value.

The original developer, Harold Chu, has taken back iiUsage. Check out Harold’s new iiUsage web page. If you’re using Mac OS 10.4, try out the iiUsage 2.0 beta.