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Redbubble, t-shirt and art site

Redbubble is a new Australian web site where artists or anyone can create art and sell it. So cards, wall art and t-shirts can all be created and sold for reasonable prices.

I’ve created a couple of t-shirts for myself and would love feedback. My software development business was an obvious candidate for a shirt, so I’ve created a simple shirt using the Zapfino and Myriad fonts using the business name.

I’m also pleased with the other shirt which features the typeface Zapfino. I’ve slightly offset the typeface name to draw a person’s eye to it, and embellished it with the alphabet plus two pangrams (a sentence including every letter of the alphabet).

The two pangrams are:

How razorback-jumping frogs can level six piqued gymnasts!

Foxy parsons quiz & cajole the lovably dim wiki-girl